Samsung Tech – Graphene Battery Charges your phone five times faster

The days of charging your phone for several hours are dwindling, and the latest development in tackling battery woes is graphene. In a complex study published in scientific journal Nature, Samsung revealed findings that show graphene tech can ‘improve cycle life and fast charging capability’.

Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology has come up with another use for graphene, a material that’s part of many exciting future projects from purifying seawater to detecting cancer, this time putting it to work inside lithium-ion batteries. Scientists created a “graphene ball” coating for use inside a regular li-ion cell, which has the effect of increasing the overall capacity by up to 45 percent and speeding up charging by five times.

The material could be set to overtake lithium-ion as the primary material used in batteries, and Samsung says a graphene-based battery could charge in just 12 minutes.

As impressive as the research is, Kim Young-woo from SK Securities told the Financial Times that the technology will need more refinement before it hits the high street.

If your phone charges up in 90 minutes now, that number will tumble to just 18 minutes if the cell inside has been given a graphene ball boost. What’s more, this doesn’t seem to affect the cell’s lifespan, with the team claiming that after 500 cycles, the enhanced battery still had a 78 percent charge retention. The graphene coating improves the stability and conductivity of the battery’s cathode and electrode, so it’s able to take the rigors of fast charging with fewer downsides.

Samsung says it’s possible the graphene ball technology can be scaled up from small capacity cells in our phones, to much larger batteries inside cars. The company has filed patents in the United States and South Korea for graphene ball technology, but there is no indication when or if it will reach a consumer product.

“The key is who can commercialise the technology first. It won’t be easy to apply the minute processing technology for large-scale production of high-quality, electronics-grade graphene.”

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