Procrastination THE biggest threat to Youth

Results from the analysis of men and women who have experienced failure at least once in their life disclosed the fact that the ability to make decisions was among the major reasons of failure. Procrastination – What is this we are talking about ?

Ok, now that you are reading this actually we can start with a simple question  “How many snoozes you use before waking up ?”

If it’s anymore than 5 on an average this article is for you. At the end of this article you will develop the capacity to reach quick and definite decisions. Procrastination is nothing but the opposite of decision making, it becomes the biggest enemy if not understood about and controlled.

Analysis reports also, suggest that hundreds of people who hit their fortunes have the habit of reaching decisions promptly and, of  changing them slowly if ever and when changed. The people who failed without exception were able to reach decisions, if at all after a long time and changed these very quickly and very often.

Henry Ford‘s one of many outstanding quality was his habit of reaching definite decisions quickly and not changing them under the most difficult circumstances. This quality was so noticeable in his character that it soon gained him the reputation of being obstinate. It was only due to this quality that Mr Ford continues the famous Model T (the ugliest car), even with all his advisory, and his purchasers urging him to change it. This stability in his decision made a huge fortune for the company.

So now that you have understood the fact Let’s talk about some Tips for making your own decisions.If you are influenced by the opinions of others before reaching any decision, you will have no desires left.

  • Take your own decisions and follow them. Try to have people with similar mindset or goals in your group, close friends and relatives knowingly or unknowingly cripple your decisions with “opinions” or ridicule. Even if you need facts or information from other sources get it without disclosing the very purpose of yours.

Genuine wisdom comes is usually conspicuous through modesty and silence

  • If you talk about your plans with others too freely, you might end up depressed to know that the other person has already beaten by implementing the same well ahead of you. Always start by taking your first decision on your own with a closed mouth and open ears and eyes.

“Never Tell the world what you want to do, but show it”

  • Freedom or death on a decision, the values of decision comes from the will and courage required to come up with decision. The decisions, which have laid the milestones in the history were reached by not the conclusive way but by assuming all the risks involved and taking the responsibilities all alone.

When Obama Govt. decided to raid for Osama’s base in Pakistan, the decision made was irrespective of the risks involved in the operation, although preparations  were made but they didn’t hindered the actual cause.

  • Define what you want first and you’ll generally get it. The leaders in every aspect of the life know what they want, and decide quickly and firmly.

Indecision is a habit which usually develops in the youth and becomes deep as he proceeds in the life, without being able to reach decisions. Definiteness of the purpose always demands courage and sometimes this might be the situation of DO or Die.

To come at a conclusion, the article focuses on enhancing decision making abilities. We never get the best available but looking out for the best might take that better option away from you. So you can start with making some small but quick and firm decisions, example would be to “Not to use the snooze button anymore” and to arrive at the decision of waking up at the first alarm itself.

If applied in life, this concept can make up the difference between “What you are ?” and “What you want to be”

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