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You’ve done it: typed The End. Those two wonderful words mark your graduation from always-wanted-to-write-a-novel to someone-who-did. Congratulations. Other ideas might be cooking away in the back of your brain, making you eager to start a new project. Often, this is where the spirit wanes as new writers lose momentum for the old manuscript. Because, you didn’t finish, did you? You only finished the draft. Now you have to focus on revising your novel.

Here’s the bad news (and there’s no good news): The rewrite is tougher than the draft. The draft is infatuation. The right rewrite strengthens your fiction into something that lasts to publication and gains a significant readership.

Writing community is growing bigger and bigger and it has to have very efficient ways to collect them and help each other through various methods, here is one such Half Baked Beans.

The Founder

Chetan started Half Baked Beans in 2013 with an aim to provide a platform for amateur and professional writers to showcase their stories to the world. He is an Engineer-MBA by education and has keen interest in traveling, sports, food and storytelling. He has co-founded a couple of startups in publishing, travel and merchandise industry.

Chetan is a person who believed in stories that have Narrative logic and would ask himself this question that “can this be possible”. usually, he creates a synopsis of the story before actual writing as it helps him in knowing that where his story would finish and he can add substance in between.

The Rise of Half Baked Beans

HBB was started almost 3 and a half years back when our first book came out. Since childhood, I had this interest towards storytelling and would easily fool people into believing me. As a layman reader, I used to think that why do Indian writers mostly write romance. Other stories should be written. Therefore there was a need for a platform where people could showcase their stories and thus HBB was born as a facebook page which later turned into a publishing house.

HBB is primarily a publishing house but we have ventured into book marketing and developing a community of readers and writers.

Working and focusing their ways through digital marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. But in publishing industry word-of-mouth works really well.

Tips on Writing a Good Content

According to me, a good content is something which is logical, relatable and feasible. Since the advent of social media, it has become easy to check by a number of likes, shares, comments if the content is doing well. As in the case of books, a good content is evident when people start sharing the book or recommending it to each other, said Mr.Chetan, Director at HBB.

Working SpaceYou would need to know about a project before you start writing and that depend on the genre but a certain amount of research is always required whether you are writing romance or thriller. If you are writing fantasy then you should spend at least 3-4 months just developing that world where you want your characters to live. The most important thing that they should know is Why they want to write in that particular genre.

Who do you admire most as a writer?

My favorite has been Jeffrey Archer since childhood. Coming from a small town we did not have access to a lot of writers or books but have always liked his way of storytelling and his lifestyle and history is also very fascinating.

“A country progresses when there is appreciation of art. Writing and reading is also an artform and if incorporated properly from childhood it helps people to become better citizen , compassionate and educated towards life. A well-read person is always a step ahead from somebody who does not read, said Chetan Soni”

Inspiration Behind the Scene

Chetan believes that there are times when people message to our handles that we are doing a good job and they will feel very happy when we share their work. Personally, for me, the inspiration comes from having a look at the face of an author when their book is printed and in their hands. Small doses of affection keep you going.

Ego vs Self-Respect

A self-respecting writer understands well the importance of self-respect and his duty towards it. He knows its value, whether it is his own, of others or of his nation or even the Earth.

Chetan believes that since history it has hurt them. There is a thin line between big ego and self-respect and we need to identify it ourselves.

Patience is a virtue and good things happen “when time is right and tide is low.”

Half baked Beans - A Complete Choice for the Writers
Article Name
Half baked Beans - A Complete Choice for the Writers
Chetan started Half Baked Beans in 2013 with an aim to provide a platform for amateur and professional writers to showcase their stories to the world.
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