First Co-Working Space of Eastern Uttar Pradesh launched Startup Café in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur’s first, a ready to use work space at prime location of Gorakhpur for professionals at hourly/monthly basis.

Till two decades ago, Gorakhpur was indisputably the crime capital of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, the BBC once gave it the moniker ‘India’s Chicago’, for it had all the elements of a mafia-run city, from syndicated crime to gangland bosses. Of late, the city has gained prominence on the country’s political map for another reason—it was the Lok Sabha constituency of the state’s chief minister Yogi Adityanath. Something futuristic like a co-working space for startups in the same city, therefore, will be seen with both hope and scepticism. Hope, that the new-age economy and entrepreneurship are going beyond the metros and inspiring the youth in small towns.

Arunn Guptaa, 30 identified the huge gap in the co-working industry wanting to launch StartupCafe in Gorakhpur; A ready to use work space as opposed to high rentals and maintenance hassles that are typically associated with the traditional office spaces. Co-working space are the new solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers who are short on funds and space, A friendly environment space that lets people work at their own pace. It gives you your freedom within a work setup you can work at your own pace and take a break whenever you want.

Arunn who holds a business graduate degree and masters in animation, worked in the domain of digital marketing and e-commerce segment for clients like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart
Apart from Ecommerce business Arunn joined his family business in his hometown (Gorakhpur), He was curious to do something more than his family business, he kept meeting and discussed about the scope and opportunity with Vibhore for co-working space in Gorakhpur, hence they proceeded to establish StartupCafe in August, 2017.The very first co-working space in Gorakhpur. All official facility will be available here. What you need to do book your hot desk and start with us. You only need to pay per month charge which is very much low if you consider what you are getting from us. Office desk for you and your employee if any, Electricity ,High Speed Internet, Printing facility, Meeting room for your client with video conference, fully air conditioned office room. You just need bring your laptop and start your work at the office. We came up with new idea where you can get all the office facilities under one roof. You don’t need to pay lot of money for advance, you don’t need to invest lot of money of your staffs sitting arrangement, and all are ready for you, just come and get your office with us.

In today’s scenario Gorakhpur’s urban part is fully occupied with retail shop outlet, food outlet hence figuring out a space for our venture was little difficult, eventually we came up with flying colours in the city. As growing up here we witness the city will boom in all aspects .Gorakhpur will grow exponentially in terms of innovative projects and startups. Our ultimate goal is to build a community where people come from different trade and mingle, adding up to a wonderful experience.

Arunn, we understand the hurdles of launching a startup and thus work towards keeping our community members away from the operational hassles of running an independent office. We value the vitality of an entrepreneur’s time and thus provide these adequate services. Added co-working space with great location and connectivity helps attract freelancers, startups, corporate with offsite teams, small and medium enterprises (SME’s), NGO’s, & students.

Our StartupCafé giving everything you need for a productive work day. It provides professionals; beautiful reception with staff, Individual space to work, conference /meetings rooms, Interview/Training/Presentation rooms.

Arunn states, here the infrastructure is great and the service is seamless, our StartupCafé provides individual space with designated area for taking a break or having a snack we are fully equipped in all aspects of modern facilities; Fully Air Conditioned, cafeteria with coffee/tea machines, unlimited internet high speed Wi-Fi connectivity. Join us now to enjoy your creative ideas with the real Modern & Professional service.

Join StartupCafe, indulge in the shared benefits of a co-working environment (and tons of coffee), A community to share Ideas, Knowledge & build a network.

Founder, Arunn Guptaa’s StartUp Café became the highlight when his Story shared by Commerce and Industry Minister Shree Suresh Prabhu, eminent Ministers and Billionare Business tycoons. This is first time in entire Modi Government that Business story has been shared by any Cabinet Central Minister. It obviously relates more to majority of youth as it will be a great relief to youth near by Gorakhpur,who want to work independently but has to choose Job as a career even after having lots of business ideas.

Startup culture or ecosystem in Gorakhpur city.

Gorakhpur is a small city and it’s rapidly changing. It’s more of business city rather than service industry. Hence people look for more opportunity to start something of their own.

Gorakhpur ecosystem and StartUp culture has improved tremendously after Yogi Adityanath became Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who hails from Gorakhpur. Earlier Gorakhpur was facing  problem of huge power cut, lack of good education hub and business help from the government.

In Gorakhpur more than 50% of the population is online and increasing day by day. Due to good internet connectivity the youth are focusing on their own StartUp rather than getting into the placement. After demonetization Gorakhpurites are transacting more via digital mode. This enabled every uneducated people from Gorakhpur to use smartphone and latest technology. This enable parents to understand the value of starting StartUp related to technology, software and ecommerce.

StartUp faces problem of investment on Infrastructure and daily recurring expenses, as they can’t bear huge office rent neither can meet client at their home.

The location of the office setup plays a key role in the growth of business.

So we have come up with low cost fully furnished office space with lots of facilities, which enable StartUps    to purview their dream and help nation to grow economy.

Coworking space pricing ?

Their are two plan:

4999  monthly plan

999 day plan

Their is proper documentation, verification and valid proof upon which we allow Co-Worker to use StartUp Cafe premises so that their client won’t be cheated.

Challenges in setting up a milestone in eastern UP

Challenges was big as people here in Eastern Uttar Pradesh are unaware about concept behind Co-Working Space, infact most of them ask for entire fully furnished premises for their personal use for 5k bucks including all the facilities. As StartUp Cafe is in most prime area and is much more costlier than Lucknow prime places so obviously we can’t give for as low as 5k.

As I come from a Animation & Graphic background so it was slight easy for me to explain my business idea via animation and graphic. So we educated people through several white board animation which I made and make them understood the concept behind Co-Working spaces. Then they understood and appreciated the concept and started enrolling for the space.

I also have good setup of ecommerce in surat so I have an idea which business can work in near future. It helped me to trust some StartUps. Few Startups had good and growing StartUp idea but did not have fund to pay for space as they really come from a poor family so we allowed them and now they doing well and even paid the monthly charges.

Though it is in the heart of the city but Gorakhpur does not have any government municipal multi level parking space for everyone in Gorakhpur.

We have to make agreement with complex and  cinema hall owner to allow parking for our client on nominal charges which were located just opposite to StartUp Cafe.

Govermentt support?

Well we were aware about the StartUp fund of Rs 1000 crore for Uttar Pradesh which was setup by the Yogi Government. We worked on that way too but the process was little cumbersome hence I had my savings so I invested wisely for our Co-Working space. However as Yogi Adityanath do come to see Gorakhpurites in every month so we are planning to aware him about the problem regarding StartUp fund.

Thankfully just by social media promotion we received many inquiries and converted them as StartUp client.

How many companies are there in the cafe currently?

We are targeting more on new startups with new ideas rather than on companies. As we have launched recently and have signed up 7 clients. Their is fresh idea flowing when people working independently from different field and unite at one place.

Future plans

We are planning to increase the current space of Gorakhpur and taking StartUp Cafe to different cities of Uttar Pradesh. We are planning to organize the TedX event, Startup Seminar and Classes.

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