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Tell us about yourself and your team?

I am Gaurav Dhaiya, Co-founder of Discover Ideas PvtLtd. Till my graduation I’ve never thought of starting a company because in my mind there was the myth that, anybody who has a business background and lot of money can only do businesses.

In the year 2013, as every enthusiast freshly graduated engineer I was looking for my dream job, when one of my senior Mr. Mohit Garg,who is also my current partner and from whom I am always inspired because I always saw him building projects, coding programs gave me an opportunity to start a small business with him of manufacturing electronic products that will control home appliances in local area. Since I know his dedication and ability to build products we agreed to start work together, but because of financial troubles and lack of expertise we decided to continue with our jobs with a promise to ourselves that soon we will come down to this road back.

How did you decided to start your venture?

In the year 2015, we both were in the same city Noida and there we decided to pursue our promise and dream which we left behind 2 years ago as now we had experience and finance. This was the time at which Internet of Things technology was at its peak and growing in the Indian market with a vast scope of products and services to be offered for customers with a market in billions at CAGR of 28%. I’ve seen Mohit is always passionate about electronics, Artificial Intelligence and the plus point was he was experienced in this field with a passion towards building new and amazing products with the help of this vast growing technology. So with a dream of building a company with this portfolio we started our research and till now we never looked back.

Are your competitors and what unique have you done to stay ahead in the game?

We were also aware of the competitors which includes every large and reputed companies and thus as a starting phase our main challenge was to think of a quality and unique products or services with a unique selling point which will lead us to make a brand and stand us out with the competitors.

After meeting with several experienced people and surveys we land to a conclusion – “Over more than 60% of possible customers were unaware of the technology Internet of things and comfort/lifestyle it brings on the table”. So, now we have one more task to do i.e., to aware our customer about the technology and how it will help them to make their life comfortable, smart and secure and we decided to work on a very familiar category of product which works on Internet of Things technology – “Home Automation systems”, which our customer can relate, understand, use and adopt this amazing technology and feel its tangible benefits by themselves.

As we decided our product “meToTM – An affordable smart light controlling and monitoring” system we also knew that we were entering more competitive market so, we again met with every possible customer/client and surveyed to find out problems of current users who were already using some existing similar products and why still there are many who are afraid of purchasing such cool products. We took suggestions and customers review and started working on our business model and product architecture which will become the most affordable Home Automation system in the market, a better quality product with low cost will help our customer to explore this technology and bring this in their upgraded lifestyle.

How did you grow your business?

This was the stage when we both shifted to Jaipur and were all set to start working on our prototype of “meToTM” and this brought our third partner on board Mr. Harvant Singh, our common friend, an experienced IOS developer.
We rented a working place, gathered our resources and started our development right off. With so many areas to work with just three people on board we managed everything very well and in next 6 month we made the first working prototype of “metoTM” and had contacts with many builders who were getting really interested with our product and the services we were offering because this product can be a great attraction for new home buyers and since the real estate market was low at this time, they knew that they need such product to become unique in the market. As we were going along on the road to achieve our dreams we met with some experienced mentors from whom we got many guidance and tips.

The parallel market surveys, customer reviews and investors feedbacks led us to take a step forward and upgrade our product “meToTM” with better features, technology and services. The response was very positive and this made us more confident, mature and pushed us to work much harder to deliver best to our customers.

What does being an entrepreneur means to you?

We were now in the world of entrepreneurs and we were amazed by the ways our Indian entrepreneurs were seeing the world. I met with many entrepreneurs, experienced, new, I used to talk to them, listen their stories and with growing contacts our team rose as well. Now we had more working hands, more ideas, and more excitement. This was the time we were experiencing and living the life of an entrepreneur and we started to explore every possible opportunity that could help us to reach every possible customer. On one of such exploration we get connected very cool guys of “Mendgaps” – a startup boosting & business Management Company in Gwalior who has the same visions for our product and they helped us in show casing our product “meToTM” in Gwalior and Indore and took our product to more builders and investors.

Right now we are giving demos of our upgraded product, installing demos so that people can experience, see and feel our product by themselves. After the successful campaign of demos we’ll soon move into production and launch our product to get returns in terms of profit and our customers’ trust which will lead us to make our company a brand and a successful startup in upcoming years.

Story - Discover Ideas
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Story - Discover Ideas
This was the time at which Internet of Things technology was at its peak and growing in the Indian market with a vast scope of products and services to be offered for customers with a market in billions at CAGR of 28%.
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