Cyber Security Startup CallSign Raises $35 Million

London-based Callsign Inc, authentication startup that had developed AI-based technology Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA), to make accessing internet more secure, has raised an investment round from a group including Accel, PTB Ventures and others.

“Several years ago, I realised that the way we identify ourselves online was very broken. I knew we needed to make existing solutions like multi-factor authentication and fraud analytics better by bringing them together,” said Zia Hayat.

Founded in 2012 the startup has developed a technology that analyzes data points to determine whether users are actually who they say they are when logging into websites and applications.

By assessing information such as where the user is connecting from, and how much pressure is applied when swiping on a mobile device, the company says it helps reduces the risk of criminals gaining access with stolen credentials.

According to a report Data breaches globally are expected to cost businesses $2.1 trillion by 2019, it is almost 5 times more than in 2015.

“Even if someone has your password it doesn’t mean it’s you, The system analyzes data on web and mobile sessions to make an important decision on whether the person is who they say they are.”

DeWalt, former executive chairman of FireEye, will join the startup as vice-chairman.

Cyber Security & online authentication Startup CallSign Raises $35 Million
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Cyber Security & online authentication Startup CallSign Raises $35 Million
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