Basics of Digital Marketing for Startups

Digital marketing has become the most affordable and effective marketing tactic in the recent times which can be afforded by a bootstrapped, as well as a well-funded startup.

The success of your product or services marketed digitally depend completely on how smart and innovative your digital campaign is? Any mistake in digital marketing also can end up your campaign wasting all your time, money and manpower. Refer some of the competitors marketing case studies and plan your campaign accordingly.

If you are a new and small startup, it is in the best interest of your company to invest on digital marketing wisely as it is the only option available to build your brand on a low budget. Here are some of the tactics which you can use to market your product digitally:

Concentrate on Your Target Customers: –

The first and most important phase of the digital marketing is to Identify our target audience and then targeting and re targeting them. For the newly launched startups or the ones which are in the first year of their operation, the best way to find the target audience is to find the lookalike customer as well as analyzing your competitor’s target audience.
Narrow down your reach, don’t focus on all doing this will reach it to the larger irrelevant audience which will completely paralyze your marketing campaign.

Customer Engagement: –

To get an idea about the feedback and customer’s views about your product start having a conversation with your intended customers who can help you make some change in your product to make it product-market fit.

This can be done by engaging with your audience on social media and by answering their queries. This will help to build a base of loyal customers. These engagement sessions helps your start-up in getting genuine advice for your start-up’s better future. You can organize weekly question and answer sessions using Facebook live and can also use Reddit, Quora, etc.

E-mail Marketing: –

E-mail marketing has now become one of the best digital marketing tactics which is almost with zero budget and it will not only help to promote your brand but will also help in generating leads.

Another fact with E-mail marketing is that they can be targeted to separate set of audience based on demographics and interests which further increases the conversion rate.

Attractive Content: –

Content has always been the key in digital marketing, but it is usually overlooked by the start-ups which leads them in losing their market share. Content marketing is the most efficient way of conveying brand’s message clearly and in bulk.

The content should be focused more on benefits to the customers than on the new features you are providing. This can be done by hiring some good content writers who ensures that your content should be compelling for the people to like and share.

There are several affordable ways like videos, info-graphics, blog posts of content creation and even small investments into content will reap good benefits in building the startups in long run.

Get Registered on Various Online Business Platforms: –

There are various marketplace available online where thousands of business entities are registered. The potential customers visit these portals to search at a single place. Companies registered on such portals are able to connect with their intended audience and make the business out of it.

Make Landing Page Compelling: –

To generate the leads the landing page is one of the crucial factors then ultimately making the business out of it by selling your products. Develop your landing page so that it compels your visitors to get converted into your customers.

Study your Competitor’s Digital Marketing Strategy: –

Competitor’s analysis is another growth hack involved one can learn a number of business ideas by studying their competitor’s market strategies and keeping a close look on every marketing move they make.
If you’re smart enough to understand your competitor’s marketing move, then you can easily change your own marketing strategy to get better results.


The common notion among startups of giving less importance to create content through blogs, videos and building brand awareness around the product must change.

This is a very wrong approach to market the product because if you are not being able to attract and motivate potential customer through your digital marketing campaigns, then you will fail as a startup. So, your primary focus must be on devising strategies for better branding and digital marketing.

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Basics of Digital Marketing for Startups
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Basics of Digital Marketing for Startups
The article explains, how a startup should plan it's digital marketing moves with limited budget.
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