Bajaj Electricals launches Navachar Innovation Challenge to solve power problems

New Delhi, Nov 16 (PTI) Bajaj Electricals today announced the launch of Navachar, an innovation platform aimed at finding solutions to electricity problems plaguing the country.

Designed as a microsite, Navachar will hunt innovative minds among students and start-up community to provide solutions to the problems faced by India’s electricity sector.

It has roped in chlorophyll innovation lab, a brand innovations consultancy to support them through the strategy and launch of the programme.

Bajaj Electricals Ltd, India’s leading electrical appliances brand, has announced the launch of “ Navachar Innovation Challenge ”, where bright minds are invited to create innovative solutions for the pressing problems faced by India’s electricity sector. This is a hunt to find the most innovative minds among students and India’s start-up community, who can provide solutions to three crucial problems identified by Bajaj Electricals:

Challenge #1: Design a revolutionary monopole transmission tower to address inadequate last mile connectivity in supplying electricity to all. Innovators must design a cutting-edge transmission tower that will be a game changer.

Challenge #2: Create a futuristic mechanism for powering electrical devices since most non-metro cities across the country face power cuts lasting many hours a day! Create a state-of-the-art mechanism that will keep basic electrical appliances running, even during power cuts.

Challenge #3: Design a ‘made for India’ multi-utility light since most portable lights that are currently in use work on the concepts borrowed from western countries. Design a Swiss army knife equivalent of a portable light that will fulfill the needs of a billion Indians.

The Navachar Innovation Challenge is scheduled in 2 phases: Selection of Top 10 ideas that are submitted before 30 December 2017. The second phase begins from 16 January 2018, when selected participants will be invited to develop their idea to an implementable solution.

The contest will reach out across the country and the most innovative solutions will receive cash prizes worth up to INR600,000, along with a royalty deal with Bajaj Electricals. Interested innovators are invited to register on Navachar Website.

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