7 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are not born but they cultivate the skills of entrepreneurship within them. To be an entrepreneur, you have to be passionate, resilient, tolerant to ambiguity, have vision, flexibility, believe in yourself and be a rule breaker. These are just the few indications that an entrepreneur is growing inside you.

The reason why standard definitions are inadequate is because being an entrepreneur (and entrepreneurship) is not so much about what you do, it’s about what you think. It’s time to get creative.

Here are a few unexpected signs that will surely help you in deciding whether you should go for entrepreneurship or not:

1. You were one clever kid.

Early childhood memory – selling stuff. Not because you were hungry for money, but because you made good use of your time selling goods and services to the public instead of playing in the sandbox.

You had an innate understanding of the basic principle of economics: society has unlimited wants and needs but limited resources. So you took full advantage of it!

2. You’re always Confident

It takes a lot of confidence to break out on your own into uncharted financial waters and persist with something you love, even if it is difficult. But entrepreneurs tend to be some of the most confident people around, and they have to be in order to see their vision through to the end.

3. You are a control freak

Entrepreneurs always love to be in charge of their work but at the same time, they need to maintain the balance between controlling business and letting the talented people around take the reins. If a person likes being in charge and can easily convince people to follow their vision, then they can be a good entrepreneur.

4. You got creative with your allowances.

You didn’t buy yourself candy! You allocated your resources wisely, making long term investments because you knew (subconsciously) that this would be you in a few years.

5. You don’t fit in the crowd

Successful entrepreneurs don’t lead a normal life. They are mostly drop outs, quit lucrative jobs, and do silly things simply because they want to live a life on their own terms. If you are a black sheep and always eager to do something out of the box, then entrepreneurship is your catch.

6. Sometimes unrealistic, but always determined.

Do you think Thomas Edison would have invented the light bulb if he was realistic? No! Entrepreneurs make things happen because they’re determined. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed; when they do, the world will know about it.

7. You are an introvert

Entrepreneurs are introverts and hence they recharge themselves in the best way by being alone. Being introverted means that you are more of an “ideas” person and are great at fostering a team environment. There are always certain entrepreneurial advantages that come from being an introvert.


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